Eye Care Needs to Know 4 Points to Note

Through the eyes we can see a colourful world, and the structure of the eyes is extremely complicated, fine, and vulnerable to external invasion, so it is especially important to protect the eyes. Eye protection should pay attention to the following points:

 1. Diligently help the eyes. Usually people think that diligence is a bad habit, but it is not. Frequent blinking can not only reduce the exposure time of the eye in the air, but also avoid excessive evaporation of the tears, thus maintaining the moisture of the eyes.

2. Put a glass of water in front of the computer desk, your eyes are bright and healthy. Nowadays, due to the development of science and technology, people need to work on computers for a long time, which is easy to cause dry eyes, eyelids, eye fatigue and other phenomena. If you put a cup of hot boiled water in front of the computer desk, the water released by boiling water Vapour has a relief effect on dry eyes.

 3. Sufficient sleep to relieve eye fatigue. In today’s society, competition is fierce. In order to break through among many talents, many people have developed the habit of “adding night shifts” at night. Success in business is good, but physical health is more important. Long-term staying up late not only causes the appearance of dark circles, but excessive use of the eyes can cause different degrees of damage to the eyes. Only enough sleep can make the eyes fully rested. Only a good body can make us calmly deal with each day challenge.

 4. True myopia requires wearing a mirror. Myopia is a kind of eye disease, which is divided into pseudo myopia and true myopia. Pseudo myopia occurs mostly in children and adolescence. Pseudo myopia does not need to wear glasses. It can be cured by self-regulation of eye muscles. True myopia is not true, true myopia must wear glasses, if you do not wear glasses, because myopia patients have blurred vision, can not see the surrounding things, so often look at things, this will inevitably increase intraocular pressure and eye adjustment burden, promote myopia The dioptre is deepened. 

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