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The books that have been published are quite a lot, which is beyond my expectation. However, most of them are not very useful from the catalogue, which is more suitable for tutorials, but it is not suitable for real webmasters to use in online marketing. Some books from the catalogue, still spend a lot of space to explore the meaning of online marketing, the prospects of e-commerce development, and even how to apply for Internet access. Do you still need to study this now?

When you study a course at school, you may need to back up the top ten characteristics of the top ten features when you take the test. But these are almost useless for actually running a website promotion website.

(More offended, sorry.)

I have not studied courses in internet marketing or e-commerce, nor have I seen any of them. However, this may become an advantage, and the ideas will not be framed, because I will write about how to promote the website in practice, how to sell more on the website, and the theory can be said less.

Since the beginning of 2004, all my income has come from my own website. I will write about how people who are purely online-based do what I do.

To be honest, compared to many online companies, I am just a small webmaster. I don’t have any background, no startup funds, no network resources, weak technical skills, too old age, no creativity than young people… I have the interest of learning and the patience of trying.

Writing such a book is estimated to take half a year to a year. It is difficult to schedule books and write this blog at the same time. So in the next six months to a year, I will post a draft of the first draft of a book on SEO’s daily post. There will also be SEO technical posts in the middle, but the number will decrease.

Readers may feel that the theme of SEO is a bit offset every day, with more online marketing and e-commerce content. I did a survey last year to see what readers like most. Most people still want to see SEO technical articles, not online marketing e-commerce.

But remember that in the past, which cattle people have said that readers sometimes need to guide, rather than blind obedience. And from the reaction of the posts written over the past year, some I think it is very important, very technical, very detailed posts, in fact, the response is general.

SEO has become a hot topic in the past year, and many technical issues have been discussed. What is needed most now is to help people who do SEO understand how to run the website and how to make money through SEO. It has been stuck in technology and it is useless. Most people do the purpose of standing, nothing more than making money. Want to make money, knowing SEO is not enough.

I hope that future posts will help you run your own e-commerce website.

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