Does the host affect the search ranking?

What is the impact of host selection on SEO rankings ?

In general, as long as there is no error in the host settings, there is little impact on the search engine rankings, but there are several places worth noting.

Host failure may result in failure to crawl

When a search engine spider visits your website, if the host is dead and cannot open the webpage, the search engine will not delete the page immediately. Generally, the search engine spider will index it after a while. So as long as your host doesn’t crash for ten days and a half, the problem won’t be too big. Of course, if you die for a day or two, regardless of the search engine problem, you may have to change places.

Host setup errors can affect search engine spider crawling

Sometimes the normal opening of the web page and sending and receiving e-mails does not mean that the host settings are completely normal. I recently found that many Chinese host service providers have a lot of technical errors in their host settings. Users can visit the webpage normally and emails are fine. But if you double-check the settings of the domain name server or host, you will find that many places do not meet the technical specifications.

Therefore, it is recommended that you not only have to look at the website yourself, but also check the status code returned by the host of your website from different online tools. I found that many hosts can access normally, but the search engine spider returns a 500 error code.

Host location affects regional search rankings

I have not carefully observed the impact of this on the Chinese website. It should not be as obvious in the English website, because the use of Chinese is only in a single country.

In the English page ranking, there will be this problem, that is, the geographical location of the host will affect the performance of the page ranking in different countries.

For example, if your host is in the UK, then your site’s ranking in will be better than in

Searches made by users in the UK on will also rank better on the pages of the UK.

The search engine will make certain adjustments to the ranking according to the host’s geographic location, domain name type, and user geographic location.

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