Does the domain name affect the search ranking?

The view of pageoneresults is that .edu and gov domain names (that is, domain names of educational institutions and government organizations) belong to trusted top-level domains and are of more importance. Therefore, links from these two domain names have greater weight and have a greater impact on SEO rankings. His post is very long, and he has a lot of documents to prove his point of view. I will summarize the main ones.

On December 31, 2003, Google submitted a patent application: US Patent Application 20050071741. On March 31, 2005, this document was published on the website of the US Patent Office. The title of the patent application for Google is: Information retrieval based on historical data.

In this patent application, Google mentioned a number of factors that can be used for search engine rankings, mainly related to historical data of files. This is a very important document. If you have time, let me give you a detailed analysis.

In this patent application, Google mentioned in Article 38 that when scoring a document, it considers whether the domain name associated with the document is legal and valid. As mentioned in Section 28, the importance of the link can be based on whether the link issued file is trusted? What is the authority of the file containing the link itself? How fresh is the file containing the link?

This patent application also mentions the relationship with trust in several other places, as well as the trustworthiness of the domain name server.

So which domain names can be trusted? Page one results believes that edu and .gov domain names are inherently trusted features. The reason is that domain names cannot be transferred under any circumstances, including any form of transfer, such as buying, selling, and renting. domain name can only be registered by an educational institution, and domain name can only be registered by a government agency. The author believes that these characteristics make the .edu domain names most likely to be considered trustworthy top-level domains.

Of course, many people will have other considerations. For example, is it because the domain name is .edu, which means that the page quality is high? Many universities offer free web space for teachers and students. How do you ensure that these students’ web pages are of high quality? Although these pages may be placed on the domain name of a well-known university.

For another example, if the .edu domain has a higher degree of trust, what about the domain names of educational institutions and government agencies in other countries? Also give the same level of trust? That could be a disaster because the quality of the page is more difficult to control. But if you don’t give the same level of trust, links from famous universities in the UK, Australia, China, etc. will be less important than links to a US extremist university, which is not fair.

For example, there are many college students who sell links on their university’s personal website. How do search engines identify which links from .edu are natural? Which ones are bought and sold?

As another example, a link from a university or government website may not mean relevance. A university professor who studies astronomy, links to a website that talks about cooking on his school website. Should this link give more weight?

Pageoneresults also gave a very logical answer. The importance of this link from domain is a probabilistic result. In other words, the websites are on average higher in quality and so on.

One of the important bases of search engine rankings is the results based on many statistics. Since the content of web pages is generally higher and more authoritative, it is likely that links from these pages will also give greater weight.

Of course, it is very likely that when considering these link weights, Google will also consider more complex factors such as the relevance of web content.

The personal feeling is that the links between .edu do have more weight. Of course, this is just some experience based on observation, and there is no real evidence. The .edu domain names are not registered at random, so the possibility of being used as a dumpster is very low. University and government websites are generally of higher quality, so the average weight and .gov domain names is indeed higher.

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