Does SEO have a future?

Does SEO have a future? Is it really coming to an end?

Many people who work in Internet companies will only laugh when they hear that they are doing seo. Then spit, not just change the keywords, do the inner chain, the outer chain, write articles. Is seo really just like this?

This kind of question is very common. Not only do many other Internet workers look at it like this, but many SEO personnel are also very upset. So write a post to talk about my opinion.

First of all, whether SEO really came to an end is hard to say, but the heat of SEO topics has dropped drastically. This is an indisputable fact. Readers who watch my blog for a long time may remember that when SEO is the hottest, my posts often have one or two hundred comments, and three or four hundred are not uncommon. Most of them remember more than 700 comments. Moreover, my review comments are relatively strict. Simply saying “support”, “agree” or the like, or the words are not satisfactory, and I have deleted the content of the post.

I used to post it every day, so it means that hundreds of people have a message every day, and blogs are almost a small forum. It can be seen how popular the SEO topic was.

What is the current amount of comments? On average, it is thirty or forty. This is still a weekly one. Other SEO blogs, or forums, I don’t think it’s better. From this perspective, it is appropriate to have more than half of the SEO fever fall.

But the traffic didn’t fall that much. SEO has a good fortune every day, 8 years and years ago, and now, have the opportunity to search for “SEO” in the top three, in addition to the unsurpassed Baidu Encyclopedia, others have surpassed. Therefore, I know that some of the query volume and actual click traffic with “SEO” as the core word have not decreased by 90%, which is basically the same.

This shows that everyone is too lazy to talk about SEO, but some people are still learning SEO, maybe novices are mostly, most of them study silently, and some old drivers just look at it and stop speaking.

This is also the case with many companies. Say that SEO is out of date, but most Internet companies are doing SEO, and some teams are not small. Everyone is doing it silently, but no one is talking about anything. So the reality is that SEO has not come to an end at least, and everyone regards it as a regular, nothing to say. Does this seem to be a sign of maturity?

When it comes back to the reader’s question, is SEO “just changing the keywords, doing the inner chain, the outer chain, writing the article”? If you say all the things, plus keyword research, website architecture, traffic analysis, user experience, SEO is almost like this. To be simple, it can be as simple as it sounds like training for three days. But the simple principle does not mean that anyone can do well. This is two different things.

Running is easy? It’s not something faster than walking. How many people can run for 10 seconds in a hundred meters?

Similarly, I feel that writing an article is simple, how many people can earn a living by writing an article?

Is it simple to do the outer chain? How many websites can rely on content to attract outside links? Don’t mention the outer links that can be “sent”.

The structure of the website is simple? How many tens of millions of websites have solved the inclusion problem perfectly?

Is it easy to change keywords? How many people have changed their basis?

SEO is despised by other departments, and even discriminates. You can’t blame others. After all, people don’t do this job. What you see is what you do. More often than not, SEO personnel themselves have done SEO. If you are an SEO, you are in the blog, forum “hair” outside the chain, how can you not feel simple? If you are really relying on creativity and content to attract the outer chain, you can go back and forth: you will attract me a few.

If you write and write an article, it is this copy point, the pseudo-original point, how can you not make people feel simple? If the article you write can start a discussion, you can go back and forth: You write me an article that forwards tens of thousands.

Encountered doubts, my experience, do not have to convince the other party, but also can not convince, people who do not understand SEO can not understand the difficulty of doing SEO. Companies that don’t have SEO requirements are too lazy to understand SEO.

Does SEO have a future? To be honest, I don’t quite understand why there is such a problem. As long as there is a search engine, as long as the search engine is still the source of the website traffic source, the first page of the search results is 10 seats, the resources are limited, you have to compete, this is not the work and future of SEO? When the search behaviour does not exist, SEO is really finished.

Specific to the individual, SEO personnel have no future, this is a problem. If you do well, you have a future. If you don’t do well, you don’t have it. It’s the same as any job.

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