Do You Understand The Seven Symptoms Of Depression?

Do you understand the seven symptoms of depression?

  Depression performance

(1) Anxiety: Anxiety is a symptom that often occurs when depression occurs. Patients often have physical symptoms such as palpitations, chest tightness, sweating, frequent urination, etc., even when they are anxious. Be the chief complaint of the patient.

(2) Self-blame and self-blame: In the event of depression, I feel that I am uneasy about my family and my parents because of some unreasonable things. I am sorry for my parents, children or relatives, and even regret the mistakes or mistakes of the past. Add blame, when it is serious, it will reach the level of delusion.

(3) delusions or hallucinations: frequent auditory hallucinations or delusions are also the occurrence of depression, one is the so-called harmony with the state of mind, that is, the content of delusion is commensurate with the state of depression, such as cerebrovascular disease can not restore delusion, evil Delusions, disaster delusions, worthless delusions or often hear some blame, ridicule their own auditory hallucinations. Another kind of delusion called disharmony with the state of mind, that is, the content of delusion is not commensurate with the state of depression, such as sorrowful delusions, tortured delusions, and auditory hallucinations without any emotional components. But all such delusions do not have the characteristics of schizophrenia delusions, such as absurdity, grotesqueness, and primary nature.

(4) Cognitive symptoms: Cognitive symptoms associated with depression are often reversible, such as decreased memory, distraction, etc. These symptoms are often alleviated as the treatment improves. Some patients may experience cognitive distortions, such as seeing everything around them as gray, and making pessimistic disappointments about everything.

(5) Suicidal concept and behaviour: Patients often have suicidal ideas. Light people feel that they are alive and boring, and often think about things related to death. The heavy ones will take the initiative to find a way to commit suicide and put it into practice. Even some patients commit suicide after killing several people, which has extremely serious consequences. Therefore, these patients should be highly vigilant and actively give intervention treatment. At the same time, psychiatric professional doctors should be consulted and hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals if necessary.

(6) Self-knowledge: The self-knowledge of depressed patients is greatly affected by the degree of disturbance of consciousness, and the patient’s self-awareness is also completely lost. A considerable part of the patient’s self-knowledge is completely clear, and he will take the initiative to seek medical treatment and treatment.

(7) Mental retardation or agitation: Patients with mental retardation often show slow thinking, slow brain response, decreased memory and attention. Slow action, slow work, and heavy can reach the level of stupor.

  How to relieve depression

  Physical exercise

Exercise can not only improve people’s physical fitness, but also help to relax people’s tight body and mind. Therefore, when people’s mood is relatively low, they can also be relieved through appropriate exercise. For example, running, playing, or going hiking and climbing.

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