Different people will see different search results

This is a very common phenomenon, Gallon Wang noticed that the keyword ” search engine optimization training ” in Google’s rankings he saw is not the same as what I see.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Different data centres

Because search engines are very large, the general search results are provided by multiple data centres, using load balancing technology to transfer users to different data centres.

The data between these different data centres may not be synchronized for various reasons, so when different people search for the same keyword in the same search engine, it is possible to use different data centres because the data content is different. To different results.

Even if the same person refreshes the browser a few seconds before and after, it may be using a different data centre.

User IP address and location

The so-called geotargeting.

The search engine detects the user’s IP address and determines the user’s geographic location, and then returns search results that are more appropriate for that location.

For example, if the user is from China, then the results he sees are likely to be different from those from the United States. The top-ranked websites may be more focused on Chinese-related content, which is a very common phenomenon.

The same search engine for different country domains

Most search engines, besides the .com version, have different versions from different countries, such as,,,, which are given in different countries. The search results will be different.

Searching at will give you results that are more relevant to the UK. Searching at will focus on websites related to Singapore.

The term “relevant” as used herein refers to content, server location, website domain name, etc.

Personalized search

Many search engines, such as Google, offer users a personalized setting. If this personalized search is turned on, Google will adjust the search results appropriately based on the user’s previous search history.

The ranking of the website and the previous search you made, there will be a certain relationship between the website and the website you are watching.

It has also been reported that personalized search is not open, and Google sometimes adjusts the search for different users based on previous search records.

Computer settings

For example, the operating system language has similar effects as advocating geographic location.

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