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Soundcloud vs Apple music with definition and comparison table

We explain the difference between Soundcloud and Apple Music with table. Soundcloud and Apple Musics are two major music or streaming service industries in the world. However, the fact that both are streaming services does not mean that they both have the same quality and features. soundcloud vs apple music

Soundcloud offers its customers some outstanding features that Apple Music does not offer. Apple Music can provide benefits like asking Siri to play your favorite songs from any artist. While on the other hand Soundcloud offers artists to upload their music and show their creativity. Please note that Soundcloud does not own any of your music. soundcloud vs apple music

What is Soundcloud?

What is SoundcloudSoundcloud is a music industry company based in Germany. It is an online audio distribution platform and also a music sharing website. Soundcloud allows its users to do free music uploads and promotions as long as they have full rights to do so.

A similar application that allows users to upload music is Bandcamp but, unlike Bandcamp, Soundcloud will not give you the option to sell music. Free music upload is up to 3 hours and then users need to purchase a Soundcloud Pro account.

The Pro plan on Soundcloud allows its users to upload six hours of audio with some added features. However, if you have that creativity in you, you can go for the higher level plan. (Soundcloud Pro Unlimited). soundcloud vs apple music

In this plan, users can benefit from Soundcloud Go + and DJ mixing tools. Podcasting is also available for podcasters and the maximum file limit must not exceed 4GB. Artists and podcasters can upload AAC, AIFF, ALAC, AMR, FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV audio files. soundcloud vs apple music

What is Apple Music?

What is Apple MusicApple Music, on the other hand, is a music and video streaming service owned and developed by Apple Inc. Apple Music operates in such a way that its users can select their music on demand. Apple Music also has subscription plans where users who are willing to pay can take advantage of Apple Music’s extensive library of 60 million songs. soundcloud vs apple music

Apple Music offers a 3-month free trial, but shortly after the free trial ends, users can no longer listen. Apple Music also lacks Hi-Res audio, which is also a huge downside. Apple Music also offers some teen plans. College students can opt for various plans offered by Apple Music.

Users looking for ad-free music should opt for the family membership. Here, you can watch ad-free videos and listen offline too. Apple Music falls under most of the large icons that invite you to explore the service. soundcloud vs apple music

With over 50 million playlists in the library, you can listen to comedy tracks. Few notable comedians you can listen to on Apple Music are Katt Williams, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, and several others. soundcloud vs apple music

Apple Music also offers lyrics while a song is playing and users can sing along to it, even if the words are not known. The audio quality provided by Apple is fine, but it cannot be played for a long time on your mobile phones with mobile data. Apple consumes large amounts of mobile data and this is one of the main disadvantages for Apple Music subscribers.

Difference between Soundcloud and Apple Music

The difference between Soundcloud and Apple Music is that Soundcloud is the most recommended for most people and also ranks second in best music streaming services while Apple Music ranks eleventh.

Comparison table between Soundcloud and Apple Music

Comparison parameters Soundcloud Apple Music
Music library size Soundcloud has more than 125 million songs on its platform. He has only 50 million songs in his library.
Algorithms (intelligence) Give listeners a personalized music source of their own. Recommend playlists based on your past listening.
Ability to share Soundcloud does not offer any type of family plan. A family sharing option is available that allows you to add up to five other family members.
Sound quality It offers high quality transmission encoded in 256 kbps AAC. Apple also streams music at 256 kbps.
Use of data It keeps data usage low and streams all your music with a single audio quality (128 kbps). Apple Music would use up to 120MB, which means avoiding mobile data usage.
Radio availability Yes Yes

Main difference between Soundcloud and Apple Music

  1. Soundcloud is primarily for music lovers who want to bet on music in their career. Apple Music only lets you listen to music and no functions to play on your own.
  2. Soundcloud is the most recommended streaming service and ranks second on the best streaming service, while Apple Music ranks 11th. soundcloud vs apple music
  3. Soundcloud comes with a whopping 150 million playlists, but Apple Music tends to stick to just 60 million, giving users limited playlists in its library. soundcloud vs apple music
  4. Apple Music gives you the benefit of listening to the hottest artists and their new releases and on the other hand, Soundcloud offers independent artists.
  5. Apple Music is the most popular source of trendy music and is considered the best music app by most users, while Soundcloud is somewhat lacking here.

Final Thought

Apple Music and Soundcloud have their pros and cons. But what matters most is the people’s choice and their demands. The Soundcloud app that offers its free service is one of the biggest advantages over Apple Music. Apple Music listeners have more disadvantages than advantages on Soundcloud. The quality provided by Apple Music is lacking, while Soundcloud tends to be better. soundcloud vs apple music

One way or another, I’d say Apple Music is worth subscribing to. Soundcloud just lags behind on this because multiple tracks in the app are drastically reduced. For Soundcloud users, you may also have the choice of alternatives. Some of them are Bandcamp, Audiomack, RepX and many others.

Apple Music has a significant advantage over other apps as well. Apple Music allows users to combine songs they already own with the catalog. And aside from that, Siri users can get voice controls.

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