Difference Between Magma and Lava in tabular form

Magma is made of molten rock and is stored in the earth’s dust. Lava is the magma that reaches the top of our planet through volcanic eruptions.

The separation of magma and lava is associated with their location. When geologists talk about magma, they are talking about molten rock that is still trapped underground. When this molten rock reaches the surface and continues to flow like a liquid, it is called lava.

What is Magma?

Magmas vary in their chemical composition, which gives them and the volcanoes that contain them different properties.

  • Magma is the molten or semi-molten rock,
  • This vicious or molten rock remains is the magma chamber volcano a beneath and solidifies.


They’re the molten rock that’s still trapped underground. Magma is a mixture of molten rock (or molten part). In addition to minerals, magma may also contain suspended crystals, water, carbon dioxide, or other voids.


700 °C to 1600 °C



Takes a largo time to cooling down, as it is locate underground.

Example :

He dreamed that he was exploring the surface of the Earth and that his shoes were melting while trying to get through the magma.

What is Lava?



Lava cools much quicker than Magma thus forms crystal some-times.

Example : 

  • Despite common misconceptions, the dead in Pompeii did not die as a result of the eruption of lava that engulfed them;
  • Instead, they were buried under the volcanic ash that polluted the city.

The Difference Between Lava and Magma

There are several types of lava Technically, is any molten rock. The deeper you delve into geology, the more difficult this question becomes. But if you don’t want your hands to really get dirty, name it magma when it’s underground and for a long time when it erupts. The length is the same as magma.

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