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What Is The Difference Between Genome And Genotype?

We explain that what is the difference between Genome and Genotype? with examples and comparison chart to easily understand the difference between Genome And Genotype.

What Is The Difference Between Genome And Genotype?

difference between genome and genotype-comparison table

Within the fields of biology and genetics, the concepts of genome and genotype are very important. Often these two are confused with each other, due not only to the similarity of their names, but also to the similarity that exists in their definitions. However, it is important not to confuse them, since each one plays a different role within genetics.

Genome is the entire set of genes that a living being has. In the case of the human genome, then that would be all the genes of a person, without entering into differences between people. With genotype we refer to genotype we refer to the specific variations that exist in a specific individual. For example, in our genome we all have the same genes that will give rise to eye color, but these genes will not be totally identical in each individual, hence the variation in eye color between people.

In this example, the genome in both is the same gene x – gen y – gen z – gene color eyes – gen 1 – gen 2 …, however the genotype is different gen x – gen y – gen z – blue eyes / green eyes – gen 1 – gen 2 …

It is a fairly simplified example, since in reality the information encoded for a certain characteristic (phenotype) is not contained in a single gene, but may be contained in several and in the way in which the proteins generated from these genes interact with each other and with other proteins in the body.

Yes, it is true that it may seem confusing and even two similar concepts, but they are still different. Let’s see in comparison table to understand.

Comparative Chart

Genome Genotype
Definition As for the genome, it is the set of genes contained in DNA. It can be said, in fact, that the genome is all the genetic material of any species. The genome does not take into account the genetic diversity or polymorphism of genes. On the other hand, the genotype is the set of genes and genetic information that make up an individual of any species. The genotype is passed from generation to generation.
Can you see it with the naked eye? Genes cannot be seen with the naked eye. In order to do this, it is necessary to carry out molecular or cytogenetic procedures. Neither. The genotype is found on the chromosomes, which cannot be seen with the naked eye or interpreted by anyone. The phenotype , on the other hand, can be seen with the naked eye.
Is it particular or general? It is general, it corresponds to a species without going into details. It is particular, it corresponds to each individual of each species.

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