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Difference between Dell Inspiron and XPS with table

Difference between Dell XPS and Dell InspironWe explain the difference between Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron with table. The laptop has become insane in recent years due to falling prices combined with users getting better features at cheap prices. There are many brands of notebooks available in the market. However, Dell continues to top the list as stated in many reports. Dell has different brands of laptops for different users. However, Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron remain the company’s two main flagship brands. Dell Inspiron and XPS

Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron have multiple differences. It’s important to note here that both Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron laptops come with multiple configurations and each of those setup prices and preferences differ based on the features available on the laptop.

The difference between Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron is that Dell XPS is a top-priced laptop focused on users who prefer high-end features, while Dell Inspiron is a budget-priced laptop for general users. Dell Inspiron and XPS

However, the above is not the only difference. A comparison between both terms on certain parameters can shed light on subtle aspects:

Dell XPS vs. Dell Inspiron Comparison Table (in tabular form)

Dell XPS Dell Inspiron comparison parameters

Prices The price is premium by nature. The range starts at a very affordable price
starting price Rs1,00,000 plus (in the Indian market) Around 45,000 rupees (in the Indian market)
Can Better and higher Dell Inspiron and XPS It is less compared to XPS
Monitor High-end display with ultra-high definition options Only full HD display is available
Display option Two One
Sight Much better and comes with a superior build quality Sturdy by nature but not that impressive
Build quality Aluminum and carbon fiber Generally made of aluminum
Drums Comes in 86 Wh It comes in only 56 Wh
Touch screen Available Not available
Processor type Comes on 10th Gen Intel Comes on 9th Gen Intel
RAM size Can upload up to 64GB It only comes up to 16GB
Wireless technology Wi-Fi 6 Killer AX1650 802.11ac Wi-Fi 5
USB ports Fewer USB ports More USB ports
Weight Less More
slim Slimmer and slimmer design Not so thin Dell Inspiron and XPS
Writing experience Best Well
Popularity XPS is most popular from the perspective of having a fast or extreme computing performance system More popular as it is fashionable due to lower prices and inexpensive features
Target buyers Upper class, upper middle class. This will primarily include users who intend to perform robust performance tasks. Middle class. This will include students, users at home.
Main competitors HP Specter X360, HP Envy, Lenovo Miix 720, Apple MacBook Pro, Acer Spin 7, Microsoft Surface Pro7 Lenovo IdeaPad 330S, Lenovo G50, Asus Zenbook 14, Acer Nitro, Lenovo Yoga 500

What is Dell XPS?

The Dell XPS series of laptops is the high performance or extreme series of laptops offered by Dell Company. Dell XPS can be considered as cutting edge performance laptops. Dell XPS was first introduced to the market in 1993, but as a desktop version. However, since 2005, XPS laptops are available.

Dell XPS laptops are specifically designed for those users who need the ultimate experience in using laptops. Dell XPS laptops come with superior build quality, powerful and immersive features, and high-end configurations. Dell Inspiron and XPS

Dell XPS generally comes in two versions, viz. XPS 13 and XPS 15. XPS 13 is a 13-inch laptop that features a borderless InfinityEdge display and 8th generation Intel® processors. XPS 15 is a 15-inch laptop with full features like Quad HD + (3200 × 1800) touchscreen that displays 5 times the resolution of a standard HD screen. Dell Inspiron and XPS

What is Dell Inspiron?

The Dell Inspiron series of notebooks is the flagship brand of the Dell company. Dell Inspiron was first introduced to the market in the mid-1990s. Dell Inspiron can be considered as one of the first notebook models to gain great prominence as a budget and affordable notebook. They were first introduced in the US and then marketed around the world.

The Dell Inspiron laptop has undergone major changes since its inception. They have specifically targeted those looking for affordable price options with a reasonable configuration layout.

Dell Inspiron laptops can be customized based on the needs of a specific user and can also be upgraded on certain aspects such as RAM. Dell Inspiron laptops are used for multiple purposes such as everyday computing, high-end computing, and programming. Dell Inspiron is the preferred choice for people looking for home laptops and also for students. Dell Inspiron and XPS

Main differences

  • Dell XPS falls under the category of premium notebooks. Dell Inspiron falls under the category of affordable notebooks.
  • Dell XPS has a slim design and weighs less. Dell Inspiron weighs more and does not have such a slim design.
  • Dell XPS has an ultra high definition display. Dell Inspiron only has a high definition display. Dell Inspiron and XPS
  • The Dell XPS battery can come in at 86 Wh. Dell Inspiron battery can have a maximum of 56 Wh.
  • The Dell XPS cost is extremely high starting at 1 lakh more in the Indian market. Dell Inspiron costs less and starting prices are around Rs 45,000 in the Indian market.
  • Dell XPS’s target buyers are the upper-middle or upper-middle class segment. Dell Inspiron is targeting middle class people, however certain configuration laptops are aimed at the upper middle class segment.

Final Thought

Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron are attractive options and have multiple configurations. Even a Dell Inspiron with a high-end configuration can cost more than 1 lac in the Indian market. However, Dell XPS has its own value and charm. It is a top-end laptop with a very stylish design and it comes with ultra-high-end display technology. Furthermore, Dell XPS is known for its superior and extreme performance.

Users who want to buy Dell XPS or Dell Inspiron should first study the configurations available on both laptops and discuss them with their current and future needs. Price considerations need to be taken into account as well, as some of the Dell Inspiron laptops are also high-end priced. However, if price is not an important aspect for someone to buy a laptop, the ideal would be to go for the Dell XPS. Dell Inspiron and XPS

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