Difference between cross and crucifix in tabular form

difference between cross and crucifixWe explain that what is the difference between cross and crucifix with table. The cross and crucifix are considered important signs of faith for Christians around the world. It is quite possible to think of the Cross and the Crucifix as the same as they are often used interchangeably, however there is a spring difference between the two.

The main difference between cross and crucifix is that the Cross is an element in the shape of a cross without a symbol or figure of Jesus on it, while the Crucifix is ​​a Cross with Jesus represented or engraved on it.

However, the above is not the only difference. A comparison between both terms on certain parameters can shed light on subtle aspects:

Comparison table between cross and crucifix (in tabular form)

Comparison Parameter Cross Crucifix

Sense It is a standing post with a crossbar. Used in ancient times for the crucifixion. Representation of Jesus Christ on the cross
Who do you prefer? Preferred by Protestants (i.e. a member or follower of Western Christian churches that are separate from the Roman Catholic Church) Preferred by those who belong to the Roman Catholic Church
Is the symbol or image of Jesus Christ engraved? Not Yes
Can it be used as an idol of worship? Ideally No. The cross is more like a symbol. Yes, because the engraving of Jesus Christ is in the article.
Does it represent the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ? Not Yes
Is Cross a crucifix and vice versa? Not A crucifix is ​​a type of cross
Where will you find them more? Protestant Churches In catholic churches
What does it mean? The sacrifice of Jesus Christ The resurrection of Jesus Christ
Which one is more popular? The cross is more popular The crucifix is ​​less popular than the cross.
Which one is easy to create? The cross is easy to create as it is a T-shaped symbol The crucifix can be difficult to develop as it is necessary to place or glue an engraving of Jesus Christ.
Is it used as fashion? Yes Not

What is Cross?

Cross means a structure consisting of an upright with a cross beam used especially by the ancient Romans for execution. However, Cross is now a very important symbol of the Christian religion. Cross is also known as Christian Cross. Cross denotes the sign of Jesus Christ and the faith of the Christian community in Jesus Christ.

The cross is a common ornamental item to signal a commitment to Christianity. Other uses of the Cross include receiving or giving as a gift at ceremonial functions, religious rites, baptisms, confirmation of admission as a full member of the church.

The cross indicated some time ago and can still denote a negative sign and feeling or a symbol of death with extreme torture and pain. The reason is that Jesus Christ was hung on the cross after being treated with extreme cruelty. In earlier times, the Cross was not very popular due to pessimistic thoughts.

However, over time, beliefs have changed and now people frequently wear the Cross. Most importantly, the Christian masses use the Cross only to protect themselves from evil or sinister things. There are different types of Cross such as the Orthodox Cross, Saint Anthony’s Cross, Latin Cross, Jerusalem Cross, St Andrews Cross.

Also, many people can wear Cross as a style or fashion statement and many international celebrities endorse it.

What is the crucifix?

Crucifix means a representation of Jesus Christ on the Cross or a Cross with the figure of the crucifixion of Jesus engraved on it. The crucifix indicates the graphic representation of the extreme pain suffered and the sacrifice of Jesus. The crucifix is ​​commonly used in Roman Catholic churches.

Crucifix means “(one) fixed to a cross.” The crucifix is ​​different from a naked cross. The representation of Jesus on the Cross is known as a corpus. The crucifix is ​​admired by the people of the Christian community recognizing the life and path of Jesus Christ, his sacrifice, his pain, death and finally the resurrection.

The crucifix is ​​used in all Catholic churches in the world and is common in public religious services. The use of a Crucifix as an Altar Cross is a must at a Catholic Mass or at any other rite or specific religious occasion. Modern Roman Catholic churches often have a crucifix on the table on which bread and wine are consecrated in communion services on the wall.

Some people are also opposed to the crucifix because they feel that Jesus Christ was resurrected but not on the Cross, so it is wrong to represent that way. There may be different types of crucifixes and especially those where there could be a dramatic engraving of the suffering of Jesus Christ depicted.

Main differences between cross and crucifix

  1. The cross is favored or chosen by Protestants, the crucifix is ​​preferred by Roman Catholics.
  2. The cross is an item without any engraving or image on it. The crucifix is ​​a cross with an engraving of Jesus Christ.
  3. Cross emerged in the 4th century. The crucifix later emerged around the 10th century.
  4. The cross indicates the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The crucifix indicates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  5. The cross cannot be considered a crucifix. The crucifix is ​​a type of cross.
  6. Many people did or did not oppose Cross. The crucifix can be object of opposition since it represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Final Thought

The cross and the crucifix are especially important when buying any item of jewelry or any other adornment and during religious rites. The type of Christianity can determine the preference for a cross or a crucifix, however within the cross and crucifix, there can be multiple styles with various varieties carved in different shapes of metal or wood that have their origin in American or American cultures. European or others. .

In general, a cross or crucifix is ​​an important and valuable sacred item or symbol that indicates people’s faith in God and Christianity.

Again, people use Cross and Crucifix synonymously and will use either one to project their indication of faith. However, the fact is that both the Cross and the Crucifix are important ornamental elements in this world that remind us of Jesus Christ, his sacrifice, death and resurrection that denotes the victory of good over evil and life over death.

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