What Is A Computer Program? Definition, Types And Examples

We explain what a computer program is, the types of software we can use and some examples of these programs.

  1. What is a computer program?

A computer program or computer program  is a piece of software , that is, a complex sequence of instructions and orchestrated processes to accomplish a specific task on a computer or computer system. These programs can be pre-installed programs on the computer, such as the Operating System that controls all the operation of the computer, or they can be added additionally by the user.

In general, computer programs have a certain margin of resources of the computer system while they are running, and fulfill all kinds of roles in it, from controlling the resources and internal operations of the computer , to mediating with the user and allowing him to work , recreate, explore the Internet , etc.

These programs are the work of programmers, computer professionals who compose the matrix code (source code) of each piece of software and who are somehow their “authors.”

This code consists of instructions (declarative or imperative) that are then converted into files executable by the user or by the system and executed in the Central Processing Unit ( CPU ).

For their creation, programmers use, in turn, computer programs that are used to write these codes, that is, software used to make software and is known as  programming language .

On the other hand, many computer programs  are capable of being updated and modified through the downloading of data from the Internet , keeping up to date or redefining its components, as is the case with Antivirus Programs or Operating Systems respectively.

The computer programs are part of the intellectual property of their creators, although in many cases they are released for free or under  copyleft licenses , much more permissive and do not require payment for the use of the program.

  1. Types of computer programs

computer program
The application software performs many functions, processing texts, for example.

The main classification of computer programs is based on their nature, dividing them into two classes:

  • System software . Those basic programs that allow the use of the computer, linking the user with the different aspects of hardware and / or networks of the system, as well as with the applications installed in it. These types of programs support applications and in many cases they are already installed and even embedded in the computer. For example: hardware drivers , Operating Systems, command lines, etc.
  • Application software . The diversity of secondary programs that you can download or install on your computer and allow you to perform numerous functions: processors text , spreadsheets , Web browsers, games, software , telecommunications, media players, etc.
  1. Examples of computer program

Some examples of computer programs of various kinds are:

  • Windows . The most popular commercially speaking Operating System, owned by Microsoft , chaired by Bill Gates. It is a computer management system that operates based on windows that allow you to view its content separately from the others, simultaneously.
  • Google Chrome . It is a browser for the Internet, published by the company Google and distributed free of charge on the network. It has been listed as one of the lightest and fastest in its area.
  • OpenOffice . This is a free and free distribution office application package, which makes the competition for more popular paid versions. It has a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), a presentation and slide show (Impress), a database (Base), a mathematical formulas editor (Math) and a graphics editor (Draw ).
  • Call Of Duty . Title of a series of first person shooter video games belonging to the company  Infinity Ward and distributed by Activision. It is one of the most popular video games in its branch and has often been controversial for its burden of violence and underlying political content.
  • MediaMonkey . A multimedia player software (audio and video) developed by Ventis Media Inc., which allows you to organize, tag and play multimedia files on any Windows platform .
  • Adobe Illustrator . Vector graphics editing program that mimics an art workshop , since it operates based on a drawing board called a “work table” and in which artistic design and illustration can be given free rein. It was created by Adobe Systems and is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package.

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