• Newton's first law physics inertia

    What is Newton’s first law?

    We explain what is Newton first law or Law of Inertia, its history, formula and examples. In addition, other laws…

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  • Measurement Units

    Measurement Units

    Measurement Units: Units of measurement are established models for measuring different magnitudes , such as length, capacity, mass, time and volume.…

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  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics

    Fundamentals of SRT Atomic And Nuclear Physics

    Basic Theoretical Information Basics of the special theory of relativity The special theory of relativity (STR) is based on two…

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  • Optics

    Basic Theoretical Information Light waves Light is electromagnetic waves, the wavelengths of which lie for the average human eye in the…

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  • Fluctuations

    Basic Theoretical Information Harmonic vibrations In technology and the world around us, we often encounter periodic processes that repeat at regular intervals…

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  • Magnetism

    Basic Theoretical Information Ampere Force Charged bodies are capable of creating, in addition to electric, another kind of field. If the…

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  • Electric Current

    Basic Theoretical Information Electricity. Current strength Resistance Under certain conditions, in conductors, continuous ordered motion of free charge carriers can…

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  • Electrostatics

    Basic Theoretical Information Electric charge and its properties The electric charge is a physical quantity that characterizes the ability of particles…

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  • Thermodynamics

    Basic Theoretical Information Heat capacity of matter If as a result of heat exchange a certain amount of heat is…

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  • Molecular Physics

    Basic Theoretical Information The main provisions of the ICB Molecular-kinetic theory refers to the theory of the structure and properties of…

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