Can the purchased domain name maintain its original chain and weight?

One of the biggest SEO issues with domain names is, after buying a domain name, is the link previously obtained by the domain name still valid? Will these link weights be maintained?

Google has mentioned that many people buy domain names because of the links accumulated by domain names. In this case, once the domain name is changed, the original link and its weight will be cleared and will no longer be valid.

However, there are many situations in which domain name trading and transfer are not necessarily for links. For example, mergers and acquisitions between companies, domain name transfer is normal. I can’t imagine Google’s acquisition of YouTube the YouTube domain name is transferred to Google’s name, but the links obtained on YouTube are all cleared. In practice, this did not happen.

So how does Google determine whether a domain name is for a link, or is it for other reasons? Under what circumstances will the links and weights be maintained? Danny Sullivan wrote a post a few days ago to summarize several situations and to share this with Matt Cutts.

Matt Cutts said:

Some domain names are changed, such as company mergers and acquisitions, and previous links will be maintained. Sometimes it makes no sense to keep links and weights, such as expired or actually expired domain names. Google and all other search engines try to handle link issues when domain names change.

Our system is mainly to detect the sale of expired domain names, or only for the domain name of the link.

Danny Sullivan lists several situations based on Matt Cutts’s answers and his observations:

Buy expired domain names

This situation is basically certain that the original domain name link and weight will not be retained. In many forums, I have seen webmasters discussing the so-called dropped domain names. Many people are keen on buying and selling expired domain names. In fact, if it is for the previous links or PR of these expired domain names, it makes no sense.

Buy domain name and then turn

Some people find a good domain name to buy, and then do 301 to go to their main website, I hope that the link accumulated by this domain name can be transferred to their main website. In this case, I am afraid that the weight of the link on the original domain name cannot be retained. Because of the turn, Google can determine that the domain name transfer is to pass the link weight.

Even if the domain owner information remains the same, Google and other search engines will probably notice changes in the registration information.

Continue to operate the website as usual after purchasing the domain name

If the domain name is bought, the original website will still operate as it is, and the content of the website will not change. This situation usually maintains the original link and weight of the domain name.

Domain name changes due to company mergers and acquisitions

Similar to the above situation, this domain name transfer should not affect the link and weight originally obtained by the domain name.

The question is how Google accurately detects the difference between this type of company’s merger and acquisition of domain names and the change of hands for links.

My recent observations also show that buying a domain name with strong links and weights, changing its content and wanting to make new keyword rankings seems to be difficult. The weight of the original domain name has basically disappeared after the domain name is changed, and it is almost the same as a new website. .

The impact of domain renewal time

Many SEOs believe that domain renewal time also has an impact on domain name weights, and I have always thought so. The logic is very simple.The renewal of the domain name for 10 years shows that the owner is very serious and attaches great importance to it.

On this issue, Matt Cutts said:

As far as I know, no search engine confirms that the domain renewal time is included in the ranking algorithm. If a company thinks so, it is very troublesome.

The main reason for domain renewals should be that this is your domain name, you plan to hold it for a while, and you don’t want to worry about which domain name expires.

Matt Cutts answers questions and is cautious and sleek. Is it useful to renew the fee? Everyone will have a different interpretation.

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