Blog optimization limitations

I believe many people have heard a lot of SEO experts say that the blog system itself is relatively optimized. It should be noted that this is relative to those sites that are doing poorly. Compared with those with the same page title, the website structure is confusing, and the URLs are all dynamic, the blog system itself is of course better in SEO optimization. Many.

But using blogs for SEO also has many inherent limitations and disadvantages.

First of all, the page html code generated by the blog system basically has no way to control

After selecting the template, there are very few code parts that can be changed. How to optimize the HTML file of the blog is almost entirely dependent on the template itself.

A blog template like mine is not very good from the perspective of SEO. So why did I choose this template? It’s all because I like its simplicity, I don’t think much about the ranking of this blog. Blog is a tool for personal summary and sharing. If I want to do SEO, I won’t choose blog.

For another example, if I want to make the menu of the homepage a little special, but the other pages don’t move, what should I do? It’s not easy in the blog system.

Second, the content of the blog home page basically has no way to optimize

The content of the homepage of the ordinary website is generally less changed, especially the main body of the content. It may change some news headlines from time to time, but it will not have much influence on the main body of the homepage.

Blogs are different, content is updated every day, and the content of the homepage is changing every day. Unless you use static pages as the homepage, it is not easy to optimize for locked keywords.

In general, the homepage of the website is the most important, because a lot of links are pointing to the homepage, but the content of the blog’s homepage is not optimized.

Again, the content of other blog posts can’t be controlled.

Different posts can talk about different topics and produce long tail effects.

But many times the subject of these posts is difficult to control due to the large amount of comments. Many of my own blogs and Dianshi blogs have long been commented on.

So blog is a good system, simple to use, structural optimization, page title can also be optimized to some extent, plus some plug-ins to link articles, so much can be done. The optimization that the general website can do is more comprehensive.

I can be honestly speaking, when we first started to discuss the stone blog, no one mentioned the problem of optimizing our own blog. The whole system uses WordPress, there is nothing to discuss, the choice of template is just simple and practical for us, and that’s it.

To be honest, I have never seen the source code of the stone blog template.

All of this blog and Dianshi blog are only the most basic in SEO optimization. Others are hoping to verify our philosophy of SEO, that is, relying on quality, not technical details.

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