Black hat grey hat SEO also wants to play artistic

Seeing the most used black hat grey hat technique, I was really disappointed because it was too artistic. Everyone who knows SEO knows that the most common thing is to send a black hat. However, many people are too artistic, and they are bundled together with a bunch of customers’ websites, so that one of their spam comments can be turned over several pages, all of which are spam links. Such a group of hair, the blog owner can see if you can delete? Can the search engine tell if it is junk?

So many people in the forum said that mass-mailing is also technical.

I personally hate all masses, especially blogging myself. I see comments that are obviously not swearing at the mouth of the horse. Although I try to pretend to be a manual comment, everyone is doing this. Who doesn’t know what you are doing? Don’t send it to the SEO blog.

But what I want to say today is not the technicality of mass marketing, but I want to say that the black hat grey hat can and should be played very artistically. You can know that you want to manipulate the search results, but you can’t say why. Oppose.

Give a few examples.

Although we have always advocated good original content, good user experience, good website structure, and high quality links, but for some extremely popular industries and keywords, these are not enough, the reason is very simple, that is, competition so good. In some highly competitive industries, there must be some special means.

These special methods are often in terms of external links. Trading links, everyone knows that Google has been hit hard recently, which is heart-wrenching.

In fact, in some special industries, buying and selling the entire website has been an effective method for many years. In other words, instead of buying a link, the entire website is bought, the domain name registration information is not changed, the host provider is not changed, the content of the website is not changed, and everything does not seem to change. Just buy many related websites, form a pyramid-shaped structure through links, and push the website on the spire to raise its ranking.

Think of it this way, there will be traffic on the first two pages of Google. Then the traffic from the third page to the tenth page is very small. From the tenth page to the first hundred pages, basically there is no search engine traffic. From the perspective of rankings and search engine traffic, these 10-100 page sites are of little value.

But these sites have a high value of link voting, because they are ranked in the top 100 pages, which has already beaten millions of other tens of millions of pages, which are already the top rankings. If a financial company can buy hundreds of the top 1000 websites of these millions of miles to promote another website, you can imagine what it is.

Obviously this is trying to manipulate the search results. But from another point of view, there is nothing to blame for the merger of people (companies) and the acquisition of websites.

In some highly competitive industries, the annual online marketing budget is often millions of dollars. Webmasters ranked between 10 and 100 pages have near zero traffic from search engines, and if there are no other sources of traffic, the asking price will not be high. Therefore, this large-scale purchase of the website group is very powerful and the effect is obvious.

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