Black hat change hacker

From the day of SEO, there is a black hat SEO. I once said that there is no rejection of black hat SEO, it is a lifestyle choice. Many black hats are extremely clever and exceptionally experienced. Their research results, sacrifices and contributions, have contributed to others.

The original black hat was nothing more than self-mutilation such as stacking and hiding keywords on your website. This is all on the ground of their own hands. It is understandable that they bear the consequences and do not interfere with others.

Later, the black hat SEO began to become a bit annoying. Forums, blogs, and message posts have not been used to move manuals on their own sites, but to dump garbage in other people’s homes. But fortunately, it is rubbish, not a bomb. As a person living online, I understand the hardships and pressures of many people. On your own website, you can get some rubbish, so you can put up a message to the plug-in to solve the problem.

But in the past year, Black Hat has developed into a hacker. It’s not rubbish but bombs that go to other people’s websites, which starts to cause concern.

Matt Cutts mentioned in a video a few days ago that they have noticed the latest trends in Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is no longer a spam message, but uses website security vulnerabilities, such as malicious use of open steering, and the establishment of unauthorized subdomains in other authoritative domain names. I believe that Matt Cutts’ anti-spam attention has also shifted from spam to these so-called SEOs based on hacking techniques.

In the forum, I often see things that are blacked out on other people’s websites. Search engine engineers are not stupid, they all know this trend.

Researching algorithms to eliminate these spam sites is a matter of search engines. But from the perspective of a person who lives on the Internet, I still advise you not to cross this red line. This is already doing illegal things. You can try black hats for SEO, but don’t make hackers and then make mafia.

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