Month: June 2019

  • COMPUTERmalware

    Malware (Virus) Types Removal And Examples

    What is malware? In computing is meant by malware (contraction in English  maliciou s  software , ie “malware”) to the different forms of software malicious aimed infiltrate a computer system…

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  • COMPUTERspyware


    We explain spyware types removal examples and Anti spyware and what is spyware and how to protect yourself from this…

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  • COMPUTERComputer Program

    Computer Program

    Computer Program Definition Types And Examples What is a computer program? A computer program or computer program  is a piece of…

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  • COMPUTERexamples of multimedia presentation

    Multimedia: Definition, Types And Presentation With Examples

    We explain that what is multimedia with its definition, types And examples of multimedia presentation. In addition: Introduction of the…

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    Slide Or Physical Virtual Sheet Software Definition What is Slide? Slide Or Physical Virtual Sheet Software Definition: When presenting a…

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  • COMPUTERPowerPoint


    PowerPoint Presentation Definition Features and Advantages What is PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint is a computer program that aims to make presentations in the form of…

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    What is Microsoft Word? It is a computer word processing software , one of the most used when working with digital…

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    What is Excel? Microsoft Excel, MS Excel or simply Excel is an application software published by Microsoft , which provides digital support for accounting,…

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  • COMPUTERspreadsheet


    What is a Spreadsheet? A spreadsheet or electronic template is a type of digital tool consisting of a document composed of…

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  • COMPUTEROperating System

    Operative System

    What is an Operative System? It is known as Operative System (OS) to the computer program or group of them that…

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