What is an FTP? What is an FTP?What is an FTP for?FTP ClientFTP server In computer science , it is known as…

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  • URL


    What is a URL? What is a URL?What is a URL for?featuresParts of a URLTimeline URL – website It is…

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  • HTTP


    What is the http protocol? What is the http protocol?What is the http protocol for?How does the http protocol work?What…

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  • Domain On the internet

    Domain On The Internet

    What is a domain on the Internet? What is a domain on the Internet?How is a domain made up on…

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  • ISP


    What is the ISP? What is the ISP?ISP TechnologiesExamples of ISPHow to know my ISP? The ISP ( Internet Service Provider ),…

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  • HTTP


    What is the World Wide Web (WWW)? What is the World Wide Web (WWW)?How does the World Wide Web work?Characteristics…

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  • Computer Antivirus

    Computer Antivirus

    What is a computer antivirus? What is a computer antivirus?What are computer antivirus programs for?Computer virusesTypes of computer antivirus Computer…

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  • Application Software

    Application Software

    What is application software? What is application software?Examples of application softwareSystem softwareProgramming software In computing , application software, application programs or in…

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  • Software


    What is software? The term software is an English word, which has been taken by other languages ​​such as Spanish…

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  • System Software

    System Software

    What is system software? What is system software?Examples of system softwareProgramming softwareapp software In computer science , it is known as system…

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