Jobs died thinking of SEO

1) Jobs is a person who truly changes the world and changes our lives. It is also a rare person who truly mourns people all over the world.

2) Although he is a monopoly, few people talk about the wealth of Jobs, no one hates his riches. Make money with your own mind and hands, and let everyone be convinced.

The cause of occupational diseases is still the thought of SEO from the death of Jobs . This kind of sudden incident must make the number of related keyword searches skyrocket. Without knowing, the words such as “Jobs died”, “Jobs died” and “jobs died” must climb to the top of the search list. This often becomes an opportunity for SEOer to pump traffic. And especially important things, such events and keywords can be foreseen, planned, or at least responded quickly.

Michael Jackson’s death is still relatively sudden. Jobs’s ascension is a sign. He has been sick for several years and has deteriorated rapidly in recent months. People who are interested can make a page in advance and create some links. If the domain name has some weight, the ranking can be done. Before the incident, the content can be put on some predictions, rumors, etc. (there were rumors of Joe’s gangsters and illnesses in the past few days). Immediately after the incident, the incident itself was described (such as the life of Joe and the mourning of all walks of life). News and the like).

This kind of big event occurs. It is often a big website topic in front of the search. If the small station prepares in advance, there will be an opportunity, because once the event occurs, someone will search immediately, and the page that the small station prepares in advance can be found immediately. The content of the page is well done, there will be many people connected to this page, the link is more, the ranking is better, more people find, link, retweet, etc., enter the positive loop.

For similar cases, please refer to this one day sweeping 300,000 traffic .

I estimate that if Steve Jobs ranks in the top of the news, it will cause hundreds of thousands of traffic problems, and millions will be possible. I also did a similar experiment when Google left China last year . After hearing the news, I posted it immediately. The post ranked 5th in the Google search “Google exited China”, and the IP on the day and the next day was tens of thousands. Google’s withdrawal from China’s comparison with Steve Jobs’s death is not the same as its influence. If you can rank in the top three in Baidu, the traffic will be amazing.

There are still a few thoughts:

1) The domain name needs to have a certain weight. After all, it is competing with the big news portal. I am afraid that the new domain name will not work.

2) A large free blogging platform might be a good choice. One can withstand the sudden flow, Google said that Microsoft quits the Chinese example, 10,000 IP my server is basically unable to hold, the page can hardly open, so the actual visit may be more, just can not open. Second, you can inherit the weight of a little blog platform.

3) The influence of Jobs’ death may be too large and the competition is too great. Can consider a lower level of characters…

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