Identity and search engine optimization

So what is the relationship between this information and search engine optimization? Give a few examples.

Many people ask about the price optimization of websites such as gambling, spam, diet pills, etc. Usually I totally refuse to do such web sites. This is not because of any morally bad views on these websites. These websites may be good for those who need them.

The reason I refuse to make such a website is that these sites in the grey area use the most cheating methods and the competition is very powerful. If I go to the optimization of such a website, it is inevitable to go to the same type of website. I have to contact the webmasters of that circle. Even when necessary, I must use cheating or cheat. These activities are probably all Can’t escape Google’s detection.

So will the optimization of these websites attract the special attention of Google and affect other ordinary websites? It’s hard to say, it’s best not to take risks. Attracting users’ attention and attention is a good thing, and it is generally not a good thing to attract the attention of search engines. I don’t want search engines to link me, my website to such high-risk websites.

For another example, there is no doubt that external links are an important part of search engine optimization. In the past two or three years, there has been a popular approach, and it used to be very useful. It is to build a lot of mini-sites and then link them together.

Because the search engine gives weight to links between different pages of the website itself, there is no such weight as links from other websites. So many people build a lot of websites and then link them together. This technique is still in use by people, and it has a certain effect.

But the question is, when can it be effective? As search engines have more knowledge of webmaster data, it is more likely that these sites will belong to a company or a single person. When search engines find this, it is natural that these links will be greatly reduced. Serious may be considered a link farm or the like.

The premise that webmasters will use this method is to assume that search engines don’t know that these sites are connected. But the search engine really doesn’t know?

For example, Google Adsense users have been blocked a lot, and the blocked webmasters are shouting. But Google won’t break the financial path of himself and an innocent person for no reason.

It should be said that it is almost impossible to avoid the detection of the identity of users or webmasters by search engines, especially Google. It’s simple to say, but it’s hard to go to different cities when you’re doing different websites, use different computers, and not go to the websites you often go to. At least it’s too difficult for me.

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