How long does it take to do SEO to see the effect?

The first is, can SEO guarantee keyword ranking and traffic? The answer is yes, no. No matter what place on the Internet, anyone can say that I can guarantee that I can’t answer it, even if the person who consulted turned away and looked away. Because I really can’t guarantee it. Correct, long-lasting optimization, there is a high probability of ranking and traffic, but not guaranteed. Even if the probability reaches 90%, it is not guaranteed.

Unless you are assured by the customer that “Beijing Xinjiekou SEO Company” is such a boring query word that no one searches. This is tantamount to someone asking the coach, and practicing 100 meters with you, can the effect be guaranteed? The coach replied, I can guarantee you run for 30 seconds. It is estimated that no coach will answer this question, but the SEO industry has everything. Do you think that no one is doing this kind of word? some.

The effect guarantees that SEO can’t be compared with PPC, and it is more than one newspaper and magazine advertisement. However, what is more attractive than PPC is that once PPC stops spending money, it is gone. The rankings and traffic of regular SEO are not likely to stop.

The second question is, how long does it take to see the effect of doing SEO? The answer is, maybe. SEO is such a sad reminder that uncertainty is relatively large. Of course, I will change the euphemism: When is the effect not accurate, because there are too many variables, the history of the website, the quality of the content, the size of the website, the amount of SEO investment, the speed of technical optimization, the situation of competitors, Wait, etc. In general, it takes more than 6 months to see the effect after optimization.

Sometimes it doesn’t take so long, and the effect is common in 1, 2 months, but the problem is that every project and website is different, so you can’t be sure, so you still have to try to let customers have a psychological expectation of a protracted war. .

Although it is not possible to accurately predict how long it will take to see the effect after optimization, some people have counted the average age of the pages with rankings. SEOs can have a general understanding of how old the pages are, and how long after SEO is effective. Good reference. It also has a role in convincing customers, and the data shows that it takes so long to get a ranking.

Ahrefs posted a post in February 2017: How long does it take to get a ranking on Google? Briefly introduce the main data.

How old is the top page?

Ahrefs counts the top 10 pages of 2 million random keywords, the data is as follows:

How old is the ranked page?

It can be seen that the top 10 pages are on average for more than 2 years. The older the older the page, the more it has been on the first page for almost 3 years.

In the top 10 pages, nearly 60% are older pages of more than 3 years, less than 20% are 2 year pages, and only 22% are less than 1 year pages.

So, what is the ranking of the page for 1 year? Data are as follows:

The percentage of new pages getting good rankings is very low

It can be seen that only 1% of the first page is a new page of less than 1 year, and only 4% of the 10th is a new page of 1 year.

How long does it take a page to get Google rankings?

Ahrefs randomly selected 2 million one-year pages from the database of their own spiders (the spiders found these pages 1 year ago), and counted the keyword rankings obtained by these pages. The results are as follows:

How long does it take for a page to get keyword rankings?

Blue is the top 10 ranking page, orange is the 11th-100th ranking, and gray is not getting any of the top 100 rankings.

On the left is the average data for all pages, and the first one on the right is the high domain weight (DR is their own page that measures the weight of the domain’s outer chain), the middle is medium, and the right is the low-strength page.

It can be seen that only 5.7% of these 1-year-old pages have received the top 10 rankings of at least one keyword. The stronger the domain name chain, the higher the ratio, and the more the new page gets ranked. 74.8% of the 1 year new pages are basically not ranked.

Then look at the 5.7% of the pages that got the rankings, from no ranking to how long it took to enter the top 10. The results are as follows:

How long does the new page get the ranking?

Most of the pages took 61-182 days, never ranking to climb to the top 10, which is 2-6 months.

It should be noted that this data does not mean that the new page takes 2-6 months to do SEO and can enter the first page. This is only the time when 5.7% entered the first page of the page, and the remaining 94.3% did not enter the first page.

You can see this result by ranking the pages by keyword popularity and number of queries:

New pages get very few popular keywords

The more popular, the higher the number of queries, the lower the percentage of new pages that get ranked. With more than 50,000 hits per month, only 0.3% of the 1-year new pages received the first page ranking.

The time when these new pages get ranked, by keyword popularity:

It takes longer to get popular keyword rankings on new pages

Blue is a popular word (more than 50,000 times a month), orange is a medium-level word (monthly 5,000-20,000), and gray is a cold word (less than 1 thousand words per month).

It can be seen that in the 5.7% of the top 10 ranking pages, the moderately competitive word takes more than 6 months, and the popular word takes more than 8 months. It’s also important to note that this is the time it takes for 5.7% to get a small number of pages on the first page. Most of the new pages are not ranked at all.

in conclusion:

  • 94.3% of 1 year new pages did not receive any rankings (10 pages later)
  • 5.7% lucky to get the ranking page, it takes 2-6 months to get the ranking
  • 5.7% of the ranked pages, it takes more than 8 months to get popular keyword rankings

Your new website, new page, SEO has not been ranked for 1 year, is it better? Because this is normal.

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