Don’t leave blog comments like this

The most common black hat SEO is the blog forum group. I have not used it personally, I don’t plan to use it, I haven’t seen it in the group software, so I don’t know what skills are there. Today is just a blogger’s point of view to say which blog messages are the most annoying.

Take a look at the blog message before leaving the trash.

If there are a lot of spam comments in the blog, or if you don’t know the fake messages, the black hats will spam, and you may survive on such a blog. If there is no such spam comment in the target blog, don’t bother. For example, my blog, every message I have personally seen. Although the scale of my message has been quite wide, I can’t delete the advertising junk that I can’t read.

Don’t bundle it together for spam comments

I don’t know why, many black hat SEOs or such junk software, I like to send a lot of spam links with my customers in the same blog, some of them are several pages long. The blogger doesn’t say it, I bet it, and the mentally handicapped search engine can judge it. Such a message or reference is junk. Punishment is not necessarily because there is a possibility of accidental injury, but the effect is absolutely zero.

Software is software after all

I saw too many sales promotion software in the forum. To be honest, the intelligence of software is far from the level of people. How to disguise, bloggers, you can smell the garbage outside half a mile. If you want to send a blog link, it is best to read the post and leave a real comment.

Leave a real name, or a net name

I haven’t seen anyone who really called Shenzhen moving, shock absorbers, or computer repairs. Blogs are places for everyone to communicate, not for others to keep keywords.

Don’t leave some inexplicable words

Such as being taught, reasoning, good articles, so unintelligible words, try to stay as little as possible. If it is a commentator with a real name who often posts a message, it will be fine. If it happens, the name of the person who left these words is called Shenzhen, and the fate here can only be deleted.

Don’t change the message

Some messages were clearly the same person, and changed a name and a name in a short time, leaving a website link and another website link, leaving some unintelligible comments. But from the point of view of the IP address, you know that it is the same person. I understand that webmasters have multiple websites to promote, but blogs are not the directory where you submit your website.

At most one link

If necessary, you can leave a link in the comments, but at most one. More than one is suspicious, and it is annoying.

Don’t underestimate the IQ of other SEOs

To send garbage, don’t look for an SEO blog. I believe that the garbage distribution software has a database, please write the software to the brain, exclude the SEO blog.

See if the blog has anti-spam mechanism

Like WP blog, there is a good anti-spam plugin Akismet, and my blog has also launched this plugin. Most of the garbage is directly blocked. Some persevering black hats insist on leaving spam on these blogs, and bloggers generally report this comment as junk. In the long run, your website has been blacklisted and you will not be able to mix it later.

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