Infected With HIV

Living with HIV or suffering from AIDS Things to watch out for at home Can I still have sex? Can I have a baby? What if I inject drugs? Can I travel abroad? “My husband and I are HIV-positive. It was discovered first, and then I checked. We both…

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What is PrEP?

PrEP. Protecting you from HIV/AIDS  There are different ways to protect you from HIV/AIDS. The most common method is to use a condom when you have sex. This information leaflet explains an additional protection method called PrEP. What is PrEP?  For whom is PrEP set up?  How good is  PrEP for protecting me…

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Health And HIV Treatment

Monitor your health blood test treatment Adjuvant therapy Monitor your health Working with your doctor to stay healthy and avoid infection is very important for people who are HIV positive. This means 4-6 regular health checks and blood tests every year. Regular check-ups are very important and your doctor…

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Testing HIV at home

How does it work? How to get results? What happens if the test shows that I have HIV? Can anyone do a dry blood spot (DBS) HIV test? Is the test accurate? Will my test results remain private? Where can I get more information? To make HIV testing easy…

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The impact of HIV/AIDS

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? How is HIV spread? How can I avoid getting HIV? How does HIV affect the immune system? What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? HIV/AIDS often appears in a phrase that represents a meaning. In fact, HIV and AIDS are…

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AIDS carriers – have you just been diagnosed?

How can I do? Confidentiality and discrimination Who should I tell? What if I am not an Australian resident? How can I do? When I first discovered that I was infected with HIV, life seemed to fall into a low profile. You may think that you are the only…

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Introduction to HIV Do you know? The difference between AIDS and HIV How is HIV spread? How can I avoid getting HIV? How can I know if I have HIV/AIDS? How can I know if someone is living with HIV/AIDS? Overseas travel and AIDS Use translation services Do you…

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Cloud Computing

1 What is cloud computing? 2 meaning of the cloud in the computer 3 cloud computing components 3.1 Cloud Storage 4 promotion and development of cloud computing 5 cloud computing and IT technology [1] 6 cloud computing usage mode [1] 7 The impact of cloud computing [1] 8 What does cloud computing mean for service providers [1] 9 What…

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an add-on, use, and delivery model of Internet-based services that typically involves providing dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources over the Internet. Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet and the Internet. In the past, the cloud was often used to represent the telecommunications network, and later used to represent…

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Web Development

What qualities does a good web developer need? It is certainly not easy to start programming for the first time. Watching programming tutorials, reading programming books, and building a portfolio website are one thing. Building a website as required, completing tasks on time, meeting the needs of the boss and…

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