In the future, SEO may not have to worry about crawling and crawling problems.

SEO rarely writes about Bing or Yahoo! every day for obvious reasons: their poor market share is really not worth writing. Although Microsoft has always been committed to search, investing heavily in time and money, but so far, Bing has always been a foil in the search market. Yahoo! is…

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Top 10 reasons to be a SEO expert

Want to do SEO experts top ten reasons. 10) You can make your own website first in the top ten. Watching more and more people coming to your website is a very pleasing thing. 9) You can tell others that you know Google, Baidu and Yahoo. 8) Most people will never…

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Is SEO doing well? Still very easy?

A friend of the stone a few days ago sent an article for me to see. The article gave a great pointer to the overall direction of China’s SEO and network marketing , and quite commanded the liberation of the three major battles in the country. The article believes that SEO is actually very simple,…

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SEO between right and wrong

SEO black hat white hat gray hat is a topic that can never be discussed. The public said that the public is reasonable, and the woman said that she is reasonable. Search engines want to protect the quality of their search results, and SEO is also meant to eat. In fact, I…

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What is SEO?

I have been doing SEO for four or five years. In other industries, doing four or five years can only be regarded as a novice. But think about when the SEO industry appeared, and then look at a lot of updates from the peers, and found that he is…

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Jobs died thinking of SEO

The news of Steve Jobs’s death was overwhelming yesterday. If you commemorate it, you will not say more. Just note 2 points: 1) Jobs is a person who truly changes the world and changes our lives. It is also a rare person who truly mourns people all over the…

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Why is there no three letters of SEO in the headline of the interactive stone homepage?

When people are old, they like to talk about ancient times. Today, gossip about SEO, a small allusion to the industry with only a decade of history. The parties don’t say that others are really hard to know the ins and outs. I am often asked if there is no…

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How much has SEO technology changed in the past 10 years?

There is a saying in “Artificial Intelligence will completely change SEO” : “In the past 10 years, there has been no major change in SEO technology and methods.” A friend contacted me and expressed disagreement with this point of view. So write a post and talk about my thoughts. Indeed, if…

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SEO Enlightenment

No matter what industry you are in, what kind of work you do, you can realize the “Tao” by saying. The story of our ancestors, Ji Dian Jie Niu, selling oil Weng, is a good example of Enlightenment. But after all, it is still a minority. What is the…

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Those unrealistic SEO expectations

People in the SEO industry know that website optimization is not good in recent years . This is not good to do not only ranking, traffic is really bad, but also often because the company bosses have unrealistic expectations of SEO. When I visit the SEO Forum, I often see people asking if…

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