302 turn and URL hijacking

302 redirect or 302 redirect refers to the status code returned by the host when the browser requests a web page. The meaning of the 302 status code is to temporarily turn to another website. Another more common status code is a 404 error (404 error), a 404 error…

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Link analysis technology and website ranking

All of the SEO people have some understanding knows, links are an important factor in website rankings, but not necessarily a complete understanding of the impact of link analysis search engine rankings from what. I will briefly introduce my observations and ideas today. First, there are two points to emphasize: 1)…

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Search engine friendly website design

A few days ago, a friend asked MSN in the MSN what it means to be friendly. This is a question that involves a lot of faces. Today, I will talk about it from several aspects. Suppose we look at a web page from the perspective of a search…

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How to query backlinks?

Anyone who is doing search engine optimization must always check the backlink of a web page or a domain name from time to time , not only his own website, but also the competitor’s website. There are many ways to check the backlinks, mainly through the search engine to check, of course, there…

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How to optimize the website structure

Optimizing the structure of the website has two meanings, one is the physical structure, and the other is the logical structure. Physical structure of the website The physical structure of a website refers to the structure determined by the actual directory of the website and the location where the files are stored. Generally…

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Use of nofollow tags and external links

Readers “can’t sleep” left a comment in this post on Google’s data center . I explained and I saw in your post reply that the link to reply to the post signature in your blog can be considered as an external link. Just look carefully, your code  a xhref=’http://www.itqy .net’ rel=’external nofollow’ is …

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Is the second-level domain or the first-level directory?

The reader smart asks : It’s good to say that the substation is surrounded by the main station. I want to ask questions about the substation. Is the authority of the sub-station (second-level domain name) larger than the first-level directory of the website? Does the search engine treat the substation…

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Blog optimization suggestions

The reader “infatuated pig” asked the blog how to optimize, and mentioned several blog software: Have time to provide optimization of BLOG.  For example, the mainstream personal BLOG,  bo-blog. sablog. pjblog and so on. . . To be honest, I have never heard of these blog software. My blog is using WordPress,…

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How to see the original log file

Reader ask How can I get the spider’s details in the background with a PHP script? Such as where the spider / when came / searched which pages / which it likes which do not like, and judge the browser is using the same technology? Thank you, I am bothering you…

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URL optimization

1) Choice of domain name If it was two years ago, I would tell you that it is best to put keywords in the domain name. However, it is now recommended that you put the best keywords in your domain name, but don’t make the domain name very long in…

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