How to write the title tag?

One of the most important factors in the optimization of web pages is the title tag of the web page. Usually when writing a title tag, you should consider the following factors: 1) So the pages should have a unique Title Tag for you. There are a lot of websites…

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Is the Meta tag still useful?

The Meta tag refers to some file tags in the HTML file of the web page. The most important ones are the title tag, the description tag and the keyword tag. Others such as the author, the software version, etc., can be ignored, on the website optimization , there is…

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Keyword optimization methods and steps

I have always had great hopes for the webpage and query related articles that Mr. Wu Jun of Google Blackboard is expected to write, but this article was really disappointing after it was published. (Updated on August 31, 2016: 10 years have passed, Mr. Wu Jun is now one of my…

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SEO copywriting

Yesterday I talked about semantic analysis and SEO, and today I will give a more concrete example. When writing web page copywriting, you should usually consider the effects of search engine optimization. There are several general principles. 1) The entire site’s articles are targeted at a variety of relevant…

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What kind of article length is good for SEO?

Talking about a question about search engine optimization details is a bit boring today. I used to have friends in the forum to ask what kind of article length is good for SEO? First, let’s talk about two nonsense principles that are basically correct forever: 1) Start with the…

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Internal link nofollow control weight distribution

After the launch of the Nofollow property , Matt Cutts has said many times that nofollow can be used in forums, blogs, etc., to indicate that these links are not controlled and endorsed by the webmaster, but can also be used in some internal links to achieve internal control. Link weights and…

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