Google officially launched: page speed affects mobile search rankings

According to SE Roubdtable , Google just posted a message on the official Twitter account a few hours ago: an algorithm update called Speed ​​Update, which is the algorithm that affects mobile search rankings, is in full swing. Rather, this update should be called mobile speed update, Mobile Speed ​​Update,…

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Speech search ranking factor analysis

A few days ago, Backlinko sent a post about the ranking factors of voice search. They analyzed the search results of 10,000 voice query words in Google Home, and then obtained the possible application of some ranking factors in the voice search algorithm. Briefly introduce their conclusions. If you…

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Future SEO: Mobile Priority Index

On November 4th, the Google webmaster blog published a post: Mobile First Index , the meaning of direct translation is “mobile priority index”. However, the concept of “mobile priority indexing” does not seem to accurately express Google’s meaning. Google said in the post that Google will use the mobile version of…

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How do Google AMP and Baidu MIP apply to e-commerce sites?

The first two posts are about mobile search optimization, one is Google’s AMP(accelerated mobile page), and the other is Baidu’s MIP (mobile web accelerator). These two technologies are basically the same, all in order to make Users can open mobile search results pages more quickly, simply saying that the principles are…

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Mobile SEO page optimization

Several consecutive posts on mobile search optimization , but more about how to adapt the two versions of PC and mobile, and how to choose between independent URL mobile stations and adaptive mobile stations, how to optimize the mobile page a bit less. This discussion of mobile SEO. Most PC-side page…

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Apple to be a search engine?

Mobile search is really hot now. Not only Baidu, Google and other search engines are exerting their efforts on mobile search. Even Apples that are not in contact with search may have to wait and see. On May 5th, Apple released a help file on “Applebot” , which clearly states that Apple’s…

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Google Mobile Search Algorithm Update

On May 5, 2015, a post on the official Google AdWords blog confirmed that Google’s mobile search volume exceeded PC searches in 10 countries, including the United States and Japan. Like Baidu Mobile SEO , Google Mobile SEO is the hottest topic in the international SEO industry recently. A few…

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What should Baidu Mobile Search Optimization do?

On April 14th, he participated in the 2015 Xiamen Madcon Conference, and at night there was Baidu Night organized by Baidu Webmaster Platform. The theme of the conference and salon is focused on mobile search optimization. This is expected. Baidu mobile search traffic has surpassed PC-side search last year,…

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