Does the domain name affect the search ranking?

These days, a post on the Webmaster Forum caused a heated discussion. The post was issued by a moderator’s page one results of the webmaster forum and should have a relatively high reference value. The post title is: Trusted top-level domain. The view of pageoneresults is that .edu and…

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Domain name and search engine optimization

In addition to the .edu and gov domain names that may be listed as trusted domains, some other factors related to domain names may also affect search engine rankings. Many people know that Google officially applied to become a domain name registration February 2005. It’s not the kind of domain name registration…

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Trusted domain names are important for website rankings

In the blog traffic statistics of the previous two days, I mentioned that my blog is still solid in the Google Sandbox, and I can’t find it in the two most important keywords of ” Search Engine Optimization ” and ” SEO “. However, there is an interesting phenomenon. My Google Coop…

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Does the host affect the search ranking?

Choosing a virtual host or server is an important step in building a website. This importance mainly refers to host reliability, speed, and functionality. What is the impact of host selection on SEO rankings ? In general, as long as there is no error in the host settings, there is little impact on…

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Several simple ways to increase the trust of domain names

I believe readers know that Google’s trust in domain names is getting higher and higher, even to an excessive level. But complaining is useless and must face reality. In general, the fundamental way to increase the trustworthiness of a domain name is to provide good content and attract other domain names that are equally…

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How to make a trusted domain name?

Yesterday talked domain trust issues, the most important factor to improve the trust domain name consists of three, links from other high trust domain name, history and original content and updates. A friend said that the new station is not to live? of course not. In addition to the…

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Can the purchased domain name maintain its original chain and weight?

Google became a domain registrar a few years ago, but has never provided domain registration services to users. Therefore, most SEOs believe that Google has become a domain name registrar in order to obtain domain name registration information on a larger scale and more conveniently, and to help improve…

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