Google’s core algorithm update in March 2019

Google’s core algorithm update in March 2019 Beginning on March 12, 2019, some people in the SEO-related forums found that Google’s rankings have changed dramatically. There should be a relatively large algorithm update. Although Google rarely confirms the algorithm update now, this time it was actually posted on Twitter…

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Google officially began to move to mobile priority index

In November 2016, Google announced that it will move to the Mobile-First Index. Over the past year or so, it has often revealed that some of the sites that have met the requirements have begun to move to the mobile-first index. Therefore, this is a gradual process. It takes…

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Several features of Google Penguin Update 4.0

At the end of September, Google launched the Penguin Update 4.0 (Penguin 4.0). A summary of some summaries, a brief record of the characteristics of Penguin 4.0, the province has been forgotten. Penguin 4.0 has become part of Google’s core algorithm So in the future is real time, there…

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Statistics: What kind of page is Google ranked high?

I opened my blog and saw that it was not updated in half a year. In 2016, I am working harder, but I am nearly half a hundred people. I am not so big. I don’t know if I can only lick this time next year… Today, backboneo released a Google…

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Google search quality scoring guide officially released

Just Google officially released a Google search quality scoring guide. In fact, as I mentioned in 2008, this document was circulated at that time, but it was only privately circulated. Although I could find it online, I didn’t have any intention to provide a download link. Now I can…

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What is Google’s quality evaluator?

A few years ago it flows spread over the Google Quality Assessment Guidelines(Google Quality Rater Guidelines), 10 Yuefen on a blog called PotPieGirl and from the outflow of the latest version . Google has contacted PotPieGirl to request that this file not be distributed, so there is no download link on PotPieGirl’s…

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Google Panda Update Notes

Some piecemeal notes about the Google Panda algorithm update. The affected sites seen so far have seen little recovery. Subdomains are handled separately. According to reports, a website replaced high-quality content with sub-domains to restore rankings. Panda is targeting websites like content farms, but there are a lot of manslaughters.…

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Will nofollow waste PR and weight?

In the post written on the 6th, I wrote a few things that have nothing to do with each other. One of them is: Using nofollow to control PR flow is no longer useful, and it didn’t work from a year ago. Matt Cutts revealed this at the SMX conference not…

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Google Vince algorithm update: big brand rankings improved

On February 20th, a member of the webmaster world sent a post mentioning that he noticed that in the current Google rankings, many big brands that did not appear before or had a bad SEO ranking, the ranking suddenly increased. These big brands are all in the top 500. Examples of his examples include (English)…

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Google’s weird rules

Google’s weird rules: URLs can’t end with .0 The first two days SEOMoz discovered and solved a very strange Google inclusion problem. SEOMoz has a web page about their Web 2.0 Awards. The URL is: Http:// This award is very popular online, with a lot of links, and the URL…

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