E-commerce SEO Guide (Outline)

The title of the original post is only the “e-commerce SEO guide”. After writing a few paragraphs, I found that it is not possible. If you really say the ESO problem of the e-commerce website and explain the solution in detail, you must write at least 10,000 words, not…

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Taobao may need to talk to Matt Cutts

Although I have been through Taobao , my heart has always been optimistic and likes Taobao. Alibaba.com probably makes a lot more money than Taobao, but I always think that Alibaba B2B is a very inexplicable thing, and it is not optimistic for a long time. Taobao and Alipay have a promising…

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Ten sites with high conversion rates

The webmasters are pursuing traffic, and sometimes they are blindly pursuing. Webmasters should first establish the concept that flow is cost, it is pay, it is money spent, not income. Perhaps because I am a host server, this concept is natural and ingrained. In Singapore, bandwidth is one of the…

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Is the PPG model innovative?

There were a lot of news in the past few days of PPG, especially the fact that the founder suspected that the money was absconding. I used to know that PPG is selling shirts, and it did a good job, but it didn’t pay much attention. I recently read…

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Tracking of subscriptions under the website alliance

The user and order tracking of the website affiliate program was discussed earlier. One situation that has not been included is the tracking of offline orders. Any system that generates orders on the website can use the above-mentioned tracking method based on cookies and supplemented by IP address and database comparison. Whether…

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How to improve website conversion rate and let viewers take out wallets?

The seventh of the e-commerce thinking series. Most people go online to find information, not to buy things. Those who are very clear about buying things online are naturally more than a few. Comparing performance prices on a website is much more convenient than shopping in real life. Therefore, there is…

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How to let users trust you

The sixth part of the e-commerce thinking series. A big problem with e-commerce is that customers usually don’t see the goods they want to buy, nor the people who sell them. How to believe in you and your website, confirming that it is not a scam, has become a big problem. Scams…

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Selling products or selling services?

The second series of e-commerce thinking. As mentioned in the post on the profit model of the website, the online profit model is basically two types. One is to sell things to others, that is, the advertisement or joint plan, and the other is to sell their own things. If the website is to be profitable,…

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When is the profit model?

One of the e-commerce thinking series. When is the profit model supposed to be considered? When planning a website ,you should think about the profit model? Or wait for the traffic to come up and find a profit model again? If you are an ordinary person like me, it is best to think…

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E-commerce thinking series

When I wrote online marketing ten skills a few days ago, I mentioned that I was going to write a book on internet marketing. In the past few days, I have searched the published online marketing books in Dangdang. Although you can’t see the specific content, you can see…

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