Which subdomains and subdirectories are more conducive to SEO?

A few days ago I saw a post by Barry Schwartz, which recorded the arguments of SEO staff and internal Google staff about subdomains and subdirectories which are more conducive to SEO. It is very interesting, here is a look. It is not how much SEO value this issue…

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How to optimize the ranking of websites in different countries

Previously, it was mentioned that the search results of mainstream search engines such as Google are being localized, and there are different rankings in different countries and even regions. One day ago, a reader also asked this question in the online marketing password exchange website. I answered it briefly…

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How to use canonical labels?

URL’s normalization has always been a problem for webmasters and search engines. It is estimated that 10%-30% of URLs on the Internet are in normalized URLs with the same content but different URLs. This creates several problems. such as: For the webmaster, multiple URLs have scattered page weights, which is…

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How does the search engine catch you?

How user behaviour affects search engine ranking results is a question that many SEOs have been concerned about. A while ago, at the Point Stone Forum, I saw a discussion about Baidu’s massive click on search results in its own website to further improve rankings. The logic is that the more…

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Matt Cutts Q&A at SMX2008

The SMX2008 Search and Marketing Conference Seattle Station is now in the process of holding a few paragraphs of interest to everyone for a brief translation. Today is a question and answer with Matt Cutts hosted by Danny Sullivan. Danny Sullivan first asked about the news of fraudulent news a few days ago. Matt Cutts…

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SEO also needs specific analysis

A few days ago there at Stone Point forum member asked a question, I wrote subdomain and secondary directory, and Kew written by Tian Ji’s horse contradictory, do not know what to listen to. Simply reply a few words in the forum, and I will talk about it in detail…

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How smart is the search engine?

People who use black hat SEO have more or less the assumption that the search engine is not smart. In the post of how the search engine judged spam in the past few days, some readers thought that I was quick to say that the search engine was a god. I think a lot of…

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Keyword ranking and SEO

Keyword ranking is part of SEO and is the more primitive part. Really comprehensive SEO contains more content than keyword rankings. Many people are talking about this, and most people admit it. However, from many blogs and forum posts, it is not easy to truly understand and implement SEO…

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Consideration of linking links between blog posts

Reader asks: Do you want to do it casually when you are doing inline? Or have a purpose.  I don’t think much about your inline words  [[ comforting yourself, deep understanding,]]  and there are generally the lower part of the article. When I write blog posts, I often link to each…

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Industry analysis SEO

Industry analysis: as long as it is better than the opponent When doing SEO, the first thing to do is keyword analysis and industry analysis. Whether it’s building your own website or giving customers a quote for SEO services, industry analysis has important implications. If the competitor is strong, the price quoted to the…

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