Become a brand: the latest Google ranking secret recipe

Yesterday I shared with you the latest trends in the Google ranking algorithm, which greatly improved the ranking of big brand websites . Some people think that the website of a big brand company should be ranked better, but in reality, the reality is not entirely true. Websites with many big…

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If Google continues to lead for 5 years, the keyword ranking will die

Many SEOs know that SEO is now more than just a keyword ranking. Website usability, many long tail keywords, website structure, etc., have become more important than the ranking of individual keywords. However, due to the requirements of the company’s boss or customer, they often have to put a…

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Search engines value models

I am often asked, what does a certain website do, and what black hat SEO method is used, can rank well, why? It is difficult to have a clear answer to this kind of question. Because search engines value patterns, not single elements. It’s not that a website does A, it will lead…

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How does the search engine identify spam

Yesterday I talked about the blogger’s dislike of spam . Today, let’s talk about how search engines might identify spam. In the point stone forum, I saw too many posts discussing blog message grouping software and various experiences. Many people think that many websites rely on blog spam to improve their rankings,…

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Relevance, authority, and practicality of the website

Most of the articles about SEO are easy to focus on details, including my own SEO blog. Exploring the details is easy for beginners to know where to start optimizing the site. But sometimes when you master these technical details, you need to jump out. From a macro perspective,…

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Integrated search and SEO

Integrated search , or universal search, is another search engine development trend that has had a major impact on the SEO industry in recent months. I personally feel that integrated search will be faster and more influential than personalized search, because the performance of personalized search in search results is not obvious, and…

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Personalized search and SEO

I used to have a post in the Dianshi Forum. How much is the difference between China’s SEO level and the world level? I remember that I went back to a post and said that it is about half a year to a year. This gap is not in optimization…

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Semantic analysis and search engine optimization

One of the foundations of search engine ranking is the relevance of keywords to web pages. The difference between machine algorithms and people are that people can directly understand the meaning of words, the meaning of articles, machines and algorithms can not understand. When people see the word “Apple”,…

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Different people will see different search results

I believe that many webmasters, especially those who do English websites, have this experience: you see your optimized website ranking in your office or at home, but after telling customers, customers can’t see the same effect. Searching for exactly the same keywords, using the same search engine, but different…

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Identity and search engine optimization

Yesterday, it was said that Google is likely to have a comprehensive understanding of many webmasters. Google knows your name and address, age, hobbies, social circles, family members, schedules, and so on. So what is the relationship between this information and search engine optimization? Give a few examples. Many people ask about the…

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