How to choose the right keywords

This week we will focus on the issue of keywords. Suddenly discovered that such an important SEO problem has not been discussed before. The choice of keywords should be started before the website design begins. If the keywords are not properly selected, the consequences can be catastrophic. Maybe the keywords you…

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Keyword research steps (2)

Keyword research steps (1) Study the number of times these keywords were searched The degree of competition of keywords is one aspect. Another important aspect is whether these keywords are really searched by users. What is the number of searches? Of course, the more you search, the better. Yahoo’s PPC Query…

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Keyword research steps

Yesterday I talked about several principles for selecting appropriate keywords to optimize the webpage. Today I will talk about the general steps of selecting keywords. This is just my method. Others can develop their own effective methods according to their own habits and preferences. List a large number of related…

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Keyword optimization tips that are often overlooked

In the past few days, I have talked about the principle of selecting keywords, the steps of selecting keywords, and how to optimize the pages for keywords. Today I will introduce some key points in keyword optimization. Keywords long tail In the keyword search, the long tail effect is very obvious,…

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How to deal with multiple keyword optimization?

I often see people asking at the Dianshi Forum how to deal with a website that needs to be optimized by multiple keywords. If it is three or four keywords, then it is basically enough to focus on the homepage. But if the number here refers to ten twenty or…

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Website keyword layout (on)

In the grassroots interview, some people asked about the layout of the keywords in the entire website. I have also written a post about the optimization of multiple keywords, and add a few more points today. To put it simply, multiple keywords need to be reasonably laid out on…

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Website keyword layout (below)

Do not exceed 2-3 target keywords per page Many webmasters like to put a lot of keywords on the homepage. They think that the weight of the homepage is high, and the keywords are placed on the front page, and the chance of getting a ranking is higher. If…

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