• Cancer Development

    Cancer development Introduction Simply put, cancer is the result of unregulated cell division. Cancer cells divide when they should not divide,…

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  • Cancer Epigenetics

    Cancer Epigenetics ​ Epigenetics is a rapidly growing field of cancer research. This page discusses some of the basics of…

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  • Cancer Gene

    Cancer gene Cell division is accomplished by a series of tightly controlled processes. The process depends on the normal transcription of…

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  • Gene Mutation

    Gene mutation The topics on this page are: Gene mutations and cancer Genetic mutations and cancer Type of genetic mutation…

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  • Gene Function

    Gene function The topics on this page are: Transcription translation Gene function summary There is a lot of information in…

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  • Biological Composition

    Biological composition Cells are the basic unit of life. All living organisms are made up of one or more cells. As will…

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  • Cell Division

    Cell division In a person’s life, many cells that make up the human body age and die. In order to maintain…

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  • Cell Cycle

    What’s on this page: Stage of cell division DNA replication Mitosis Stage of mitosis Mitosis: late Mitosis: the end stage Cell…

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  • Cell and cell structure

    Every creature is made up of cells. Some organisms, such as bacterial bacteria, can exist as single-celled organisms. Some organisms…

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