Use Sitemap to submit vulnerability hijacking of other website rankings

Although I personally do not recommend black hat SEO, but know some black hat technology is a required course for white hat SEO. The common techniques and latest applications of SEO Black Hat can at least let us: Avoid black hat pits on regular websites that cannot be mistaken…

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Google bought the link and was arrested

Google ’s attitude toward paid links has always been clear, and it’s basically a clear objection. Because of the sale and purchase of links, Google punishes its own jp website and punishes oversized websites JC Penney, Forbes, Overstock, etc. Today, Google has been blasted to its Chrome download page to buy paid reviews and…

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Black hat change hacker

How fast and how to accomplish one thing is what everyone is pursuing, so there is a black hat SEO. But as the saying goes: Pirates also have a way, if the SEO black hat is made into a hacker, it has exceeded the bottom line that an online…

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What is a hidden page in Black Hat SEO?

Everyone knows that cloaking is a form of SEO cheating. Hidden pages are usually based on the IP address of the access request and the user agent to determine whether it is a search engine spider or a normal user, and then return different content to the spider and…

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Chain building or fraud?

There was a sensation in the SEO community last week . A British SEO consultant wrote.fake news that was completely out of thin air and placed on his client’s website. The news is to say that a 13-year-old boy, in the name of his father, applied for a new…

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What is proxy hijacking?

Like the PR hijacking, some black hats that are more difficult to prevent are not intended to be actively discussed, because there are many times that they will cause great harm to innocent webmasters. In the first two days of the SEO case, the proxy hijack was mentioned. Someone asked what is going…

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I really don’t understand what this means

I have a lot of email accounts, and I receive at least three or four thousand spam emails a day. Selling garbage distribution software, selling fake watches, there are also partial sales to my virtual host … It has long been numb. The one I can see today makes me can’t…

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Don’t leave blog comments like this

Don’t write about Black Hat SEO today , write something related to it. The most common black hat SEO is the blog forum group. I have not used it personally, I don’t plan to use it, I haven’t seen it in the group software, so I don’t know what skills are there. Today…

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Some explanations of black hat gray hat SEO

Connected to a few black hat SEO, quickly written into a series. I decided to stop here today. Some comments made me a little regret writing these posts. Finally, make some explanations. 1) In the post about buying a website, a friend said that the general person bought it? A few million…

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Let high-weight domain names serve themselves

Continue the black hat gray hat SEO topic. Today, talk about how to use someone else’s highly authoritative domain name to serve yourself. We all know that the authority of domain names in Google rankings is very big, even to a strange degree. The crazy ranking of Wikipedia is one of the products of this mechanism. Many…

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