• PH Chart


    The pH (Potential of Hydrogen) is the measure of the activity of hydrogen ions in solutions . It is the measure of…

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  • Measurement Units

    Measurement Units

    Measurement Units: Units of measurement are established models for measuring different magnitudes , such as length, capacity, mass, time and volume.…

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  • Chemist John Dalton

    Atomic Model Of Dalton

    The atomic model of Dalton represents the atom as the smallest and indivisible particle of matter . John Dalton (1766-1844) proposed that atoms…

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  • Niels Bohr

    Atomic Model Of Bohr

    The atomic model of Niels Bohr shows the atom as a small positive nucleus surrounded by electrons in circular layers…

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  • Atomic Models

    The atom is the smallest particle characteristic of an element. The difficulty in observing the atom stimulated many scientists to propose atomic…

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  • Atom

    The atom is the smallest and most stable particle that maintains all the properties of an element . That is, the smallest part…

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  • Ionic Bond

    An ionic bond is a type of chemical bond between atoms, where one of them transfers an electron to the other . This…

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  • Acid

    An acid is a compound that releases hydrogens when it dissolves in water . The hydrogens are released as positive ions or H + protons ,…

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  • Chemical Reactions

    Chemical reactions are the process of arranging atoms and bonds when chemical substances come into contact. Chemical properties change by altering the…

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  • Law Of Conservation Of Matter

    The law of conservation of matter means that matter is not created or destroyed but changes . This means that the mass before…

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