• malware

    Malware (Virus) Types Removal And Examples

    What is malware? What is malware?Types of malwareWhere does the malware come from?How to protect us from malware? In computing is meant…

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  • spyware


    What is spyware? What is spyware?How to protect us from spyware?How to remove spyware?Anti-spyware programs It is known in computer…

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  • Computer Program

    Computer Program

    What is a computer program? A computer program or computer program  is a piece of software , that is, a complex sequence…

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  • Multimedia


    What is Multimedia? The term multimedia comes from the English word and refers to all types of devices that provide information…

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  • Slide


    What is Slide? Slide: When presenting a work for your school or university, a work report that contains fundamental information…

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  • PowerPoint


    What is PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint is a computer program that aims to make presentations in the form of slides . You could say that the three…

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  • Word


    What is Microsoft Word? It is a computer word processing software , one of the most used when working with digital…

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  • Excel


    What is Excel? Microsoft Excel, MS Excel or simply Excel is an application software published by Microsoft , which provides digital support for accounting,…

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  • spreadsheet


    What is a Spreadsheet? What is a Spreadsheet?History of the spreadsheetWhat is a spreadsheet for?Spreadsheet examples A spreadsheet or electronic…

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  • Operating System

    Operative System

    What is an Operative System? What is an Operative System?What is an operating system for?Types of operating systemExamples of operating…

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